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Bitty Ballet: Imaginative, fun musical activities to build strength, flexibility & body awareness. Floor work, some ballet vocabulary & large movements across the floor. 

Pre-Ballet: Introduction to ballet basics. Floor activities to help develop strength & flexibility, center work with basic ballet steps, body directions & large movements across the floor. 

Ballet: Students will be placed in proper grade level according to age, physical development, & prior dance training. Pointe will be introduced to female dancers at the appropriate time and age. 

Jazz: Enrollment in ballet is highly recommended. Class begins with warm-up to increase flexibility, strength & coordination. Continues with progressions & leaps across the floor & concludes with learning a combination that builds weekly. 

Tap: Begins with a center warm-up followed with progressions across the floor, incorporating various combinations of tap steps & rhythmic patterns. Various musical styles are introduced. 

Hip Hop: Includes latest moves, plus foundation & technique required to execute more complicated & exciting hip hop moves. 

Lyrical/Contemporary: Vocabulary is expanded by using off-balance movements & transition steps through floor connection. Enhanced stage presence with musicality, partnering & improvisation. 

Advanced Ballet: BY INVITATION ONLY. We ask that our dancers focus upon the core styles of ballet and Lyrical/Jazz. We also recommend participation in Pointe (if the dancer has a ballet focus in mind). Participation in additional elective classes are also recommended. Students are encouraged to realize their potential through their own eyes, planning, setting goals and being confident about their future success as professionals in the performing community. Daily lessons in technique create an environment that promotes attention to detail from both students in the Advanced program and their teachers. We strongly encourage dancers to achieve success in both their academic and performing careers, as well as a strong sense of social, personal and professional skills. We wish for our Pre Professional students to establish a foundation here at SDA which will carry over into their dance future.

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